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What makes WordPress the most popular CMS?

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WordPress is the most popular Content Management System that runs 39.6% of the websites on the web till 2021. Reports show that the percentage has increased up to 5% from last year. WordPress has around 75 million users which also makes it the most used CMS and by its 18th anniversary, it would have released 320 separate versions.

WordPress has been completely evolved now, however, it has extremely interesting facts behind it and if you are a WordPress user or even an enthusiast, it is worth your time. Hence, we have stated them below one by one to give you nostalgia by remembering old times.


-WordPress was founded in 2001 and at that time it was also known as B2/Cafelog or WordPress 0.5.

-At the end of 2002, the main programmer of this project, Michel Valdrigi leaves.

-The year 2003 started a new era when the new chief programmer Matt Mullenweg takes over and launches WordPress. WordPress 0.7 was officially released on 27th May 2003.

-After years of success in July 2011, the platform surpasses 50M blogs.

-By the year 2013, it became the most popular content management system in the world.

-More than 59% of the world’s websites are powered by this platform.


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Since that year, WordPress is raising the bar each day and achieved new goals. It has now developed the entire IT industry within digital marketing, web designing, SEO, web development, ads, many more.

WordPress Popularity

When compared, things have changed a lot from 2014 until 2021 in terms of the number of users, updates and time. Many companies have come up as tough competitors and made customers switch from WordPress, however, despite such competition, it has managed to sustain its position in the market of “most popular CMS”. As of July 2021, WordPress covered 39.6% - 41% of the websites on the internet and when it comes to the US, one out of five domains are powered by it.


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Popular Websites That Run on WordPress

WordPress is undoubtedly the leading CMS in the market due to its flexibility as well as user-friendliness. These are not just piling factors but the core reasons why websites prefer WordPress over other CMS. The most popular websites that work on it are New Yorker, BBC America, TechCrush, Sony Music, Bloomberg, MTV, Codeinwp, etc.


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 WordPress Theme Statistics

WordPress is famous for its attractive themes and this is the best example for when we mentioned subindustries in IT. Business websites get noticed and are differentiated from each other due to themes. The developers of these themes are making decent money with the help of them. It all started with one classic theme that was launched in the year 2010 and then each year, a new theme was designed according to that period and released. The evolution began when the developers pictured themselves in different niches and created dedicated designs for that particular industry. If we are honest, it is absolutely true that WordPress has helped people to have a career and keep up with the world and its fast pace. It has given a better life to many people.

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