Optimizing Web Design for Higher Customer Retention

How web design affects customer retention?

How much do you think a good web design affects the customers and conversion rate of your website? Is it worth spending money on a web designing company if you have an outstanding marketing strategy, a respectable brand identity, and a good sales team? The answer to this question is yes and the reasons will be briefly explained in this blog.

A good web design will gain the trust of customers along with their long-lasting loyalty that will largely impact the conversion rate of your business. This blog will serve as a link between web design and the customers and explain trust-gaining elements in this relationship.

Why is it important to gain the trust of customers?

Let’s start with the basics, why is it important to gain the trust of customers? In a recent report, it has been found that the “feeling of trust” within the customers will majorly impact the customer’s behaviour online.

A study in 2017 displayed that 79% of the customers will make a purchase from a trusted brand that has demonstrated understanding and care in the past. Hence, it was officially proved that “trust” is an essential factor and should be considered by every business in order to grow

Effects of design on customers

Web design is an effective way to gain the trust of customers. In the year 2004, research was conducted by the United Kingdom to understand the factors through which trust can be gained. This was particularly for the users of health websites. They were keen to know the results of two major categories, that was, web design and website content.

They were stunned to know that 94% of distrust was due to design-related elements of the website and only 6% due to the website’s content. They have also listed some red flags for the websites which are as follows: -

  • Small and hard to read fonts
  • Too much content
  • Lack of navigation aids
  • Websites with slow load time
  • Lack of navigation aids

Even the Stanford Web Credibility Project stated that web designs can have a huge impact on the subconscious mind of the user deteriorating the trust factor. Hence, it is proved that trust and web design have a powerful relation that ultimately affects the retention of quality audience.

Here are three tips through which you can create a trust-focused website: -

Focus on design consistency

One of the most important components of a design is maintaining consistency throughout the website. If a user is visiting your website and suddenly notices than an element of a website is different than the others, he/she will have a jarring experience and might not visit the website again. They will lose trust and become suspicious of such a change. Hence, always review the consistency of your website’s design.

Correspond to existing design trends to enhance trustworthiness

By the above heading, we do not intend that you visit multiple websites to search for existing trends and put it all together as we know this can be quite exhausting and might not make sense. Instead, we are asking you to resort to modern design standards. If the web design is outdated, the user may imply the same for the services or information as well. Being cutting-edge in every aspect won’t harm anyone.

Put security and transparency on your priority list

There is no trust without giving assurance about security and transparency especially when you are asking the user about their personal information. The layout of the design should emphasize both of them. To exemplify, if you are in e-commerce and are asking for bank or debit/credit card information, you must give assurance to the customers about the security that it is a safe page and their information will not be saved.


There are many reasons why so many people are now investing in web design and the foremost is building trust and deep connection with the customer so that they remain loyal to the brand. This will not only boost the business but also increase it is goodwill in the market within competitors.