Effective SMM Strategies: A Comprehensive Guide for Businesses

SMM Guide for Businesses – Part 2

In our last blog about Social Media Marketing for businesses, we have described how businesses can be leveraged through Social Media Marketing, its importance and what role it will be playing in digitalization.

If you have read that blog and want to start by creating a social media presence of your business, you must be wondering from where should you start? Don't worry as we are here to answer your question.


The beginning of every plan should be done by nailing down your goals and setting realistic expectations within a time period. Once that is done, nail down your strategy in order to accomplish it. A social media strategy typically addresses the following items:

Choosing a platform of focus for your technology services social media marketing

If you want your business to gain the most out of your social media marketing, you must be present on the right platform. How to decide? Should you be working more on Twitter or Facebook? What about Instagram? What if you want to post just video content? Why is everyone talking about LinkedIn? There are many people out there who have started their channel or created accounts without figuring out their end goals, hence, did not achieve as much as they expected and had to go back to start again. This has not only wasted their time but also money. Therefore, to prevent this disaster, give yourself a calculated start as per your goal on the following platforms.


Currently, LinkedIn has approximately 700 million active users and is considered one of the top channels for Business-to-Business marketing. It is a place where you can post the best of your articles and blogs like a professional related or unrelated to your business. It provides you a platform to practice good social relationships by commenting and liking the posts that you find valuable and also responding to others who have done the same. Here, you can find a lot of connections as well as competitors and if you have time for only on the social media platform, LinkedIn is your go-to.


Twitter is also one of the top channels with millions of active users which can get you a lot of followers, however, if you are looking to generate leads and start in-depth dialogues, Twitter is not the right platform. People usually take a quick scan of your posts and content. You can post all of your articles and blogs on LinkedIn and share a link to view it on Twitter for those who might be interested along with a pun or short description.



Unlike, LinkedIn and Twitter who are all about your expertise, Facebook is an incredible place to showcase your brand as an employer along with blogs and articles. It is the most appropriate channel to post your company’s work culture, outings, competitions, and all the things that keep the workplace happening. This is because Facebook can be a great place to recruit employees as these days employees give weight to the workplace environment just as much as a culture since they will be spending most part of their day in the office.


If you have a good collection of video content, YouTube can be an effective channel for bringing that video content to life. YouTube has a giant user base of 2 billion per month which makes up to the fact that 90% of people say they discover new businesses or products through this platform. The numbers are shockingly high and can be leveraged when used correctly.


Keep in mind that it is not necessary that you have to make a choice between these platforms, you can definitely be on all or some of them according to the outcomes you receive. Each platform is unique and has its own perks and cons that you will have to analyze before coming to a decision. However, it is always advisable to start from one platform and grow.