Exploring Latest Web Design Trends

Web Design Trends Of 2021

Just like any other trends, web design trends also tend to change with time according to the liking of people.

Following these trends or at least being aware of them is essential if you are a web designer or a web designing company. Hence, without any further ado, let us introduce you to them so that you have an edge over your competitors.

Retro Fonts

A lot of old trends are making a comeback, be it mom jeans or handlebar moustaches and same is the case with retro fonts. Old trends are the new cool now and many typographies haven’t even aged yet. Nowadays, we are not seeing the same fonts that everyone commonly uses, instead, we are seeing a combination of old and new fonts that blends perfectly with the theme or old fonts that have been given a modern touch to make it cooler and better for current projects. Due to this, they do not look ancient or cliché.


Parallax scroll animations

Parallax scroll effects have been sustaining its position in the web designing market since many years, however, in 2021 it has been recreated as the designers are using it in a subtle yet creative format. It should be noticed that too much of parallax scroll animation can completely ruin your project especially for people with vestibular disorders that can cause dizziness and disorientation within them. Here are some guidelines more and more designers are incorporating for minimal parallax:

  • Don't not use it for important information as it will distract users
  • Try to keep the number of effects to a minimum
  • The amount of movement of these effects should also be less Confine the parallax effects to small parts

Horizontal Scrolling

There are a lot of designers who are experimenting with horizontal scrolling these days to attract their users, hence, they are making their way back to the trends. They are making it work in a practical way and not for just the sake of setting trend or be different. However, the designers should also keep the points given below in mind:

  • Force users to navigate through horizontal content will never work in your favour, hence, you need to provide them with alternate ways to navigate, like labelled arrow buttons
  • Clear visual cues should be used to indicate where content uses horizontal scroll
  • Be thoughtful and smart about the content that would benefit you from being displayed in a horizontal scroll
  • Avoid using it for texts that need to be read

3D Visuals

Ever since high-resolution screens are introduced, 3D designs have made their way back to the web design industry. We have seen many designers using high-quality 3D visuals seamlessly on their websites. Unlike many other visuals, they add quality to the user experience instead of being a distraction.


Multimedia experience

These days almost all of us have access to fast internet that enhances the multimedia web experiences that are gaining popularity everywhere. Added visuals, videos, texts and audio are catchy to eyes and improves user experience.

Hence, it is sure that the web design trends of 2021 and years ahead will include multimedia in their websites for their users:

  • Make sure that you simplify things instead of making a mess of complicated audios and motions that will act as distraction
  • Use it thoughtfully in a way to amplify user-friendliness
  • Closed captions and transcripts should always be included for all pre-recorded multimedia
  • Images should have alt texts and multifaceted images should have a proper long description.
  • Ensure that texts are made with HTML

Focus on grain

Grainy textures are used by the designers to add a more natural feel to the components instead of using rigid grids and solid colours that are visually unappealing on a website.


Designs based on preference

Web development industry is making a continuous effort to provide their users with more personalised experience. Hence, the designs are also made with a touch of personalisation from including toggle of dark/light mode and changing the appearance of the website to providing content according to one’s taste.

All these trends and algorithms are coming up to make the user experience better than before, hence, making user-friendly experience the newest trend within the designers. Moreover, this trend is not just for this year but also for the years following thereafter, focusing on the user’s needs, preferences, style, wants and taste.