The adaptive interface system for modern web experiences

Interfaces built with the Design System and can be used with any modern UI Framework by leveraging industry standard Web Components.

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Dynamic themes with Adaptive UI

The theming system called Adaptive UI, which builds design system properties that designers use every day directly into every component.

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Pre-built for both light and dark modes, color, and style.

Switching between dark and light mode is as easy as changing the background color of the design system.

0px 32px
1px 4px
-3 3
off on
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Works with existing frameworks

Standards-based Web Components are the foundation of each component, making them compatible with almost any modern web framework, including those listed below.

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Angular works great with the design system due to its binding system’s support for setting both attributes and properties on custom elements.


The design system works naturally with ASP.NET server-side development. Start building immediately by adding a script tag and using the custom HTML elements.


The design system works flawlessly with both Aurelia 1 and Aurelia 2, with full integration into the binding engine and component model.


The design system integrates nicely with Blazor, a feature of ASP.NET which lets you build interactive web UIs using C# instead of JavaScript.


While the React team works to fully support custom elements in v17, we provide integration support for v16.x.x.


Vue fully supports custom elements and by default passes all data to them as attributes. The framework also provides a special syntax to bind properties.

Features and utilities

There are a million and one great ways to build your next website or application. To support the technologies you choose, creating unopinionated code is at the center of every decision we make in FAST.


Create new component compositions by nesting, styling foundation components, or extending existing components. The combinations are endless.

Design Systems

Use or customize the design system properties to make it your own. You can also create your own design system to use with FAST foundation components.


Web components are built on the core technologies of the web to work in any scenario. Use them as is or with your favorite framework.

Web Standards

All components follow WCAG 2.1, are W3C spec-compliant and use the W3C interaction models when available.


Design sophisticated animation sequences with the animation library, an interface for the Web Animations API.


Create color palettes, extract colors from images, and handle other color operations using our color library.

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